How To Find The Best Outdoor Gas Fire Pit For Your Home and Yard

For anybody looking for a unique way to jazz up their backyards, adding a heat, lighting and cooking source outdoors can be a great way to increase the monetary value and enjoyment factors of your home.  Unfortunately, due to fire hazard restrictions, certain precautions must be taken, limiting the choices available to you.  With the numerous safety regulations that encumber the outdoor landscape, outdoor gas fire pits give homeowners the best alternative to enjoying their land.
By providing a clean emitting heat source that is not only environmentally sound, but aesthetically pleasing as well, an outdoor gas fire pit can make a welcome addition to any backyard landscape looking for a little pizzazz. Ecofriendly choices like this are driving the housing and home landscaping market, providing enjoyable outdoor activities for the family that raise the overall value and resale price of any home.  Simply check with your neighborhood city officials or homeowners association before making any purchases and in no time at all you could be enjoying the great outdoors with your family in the safest, most environmentally-minded manner, all from the comfort of your own backyard.

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What is an Outdoor Gas Fire Pit?

Outdoor gas fire pits are portable fireplaces that are built to withstand nature’s elements while providing you a safe, easy-to-clean, heating, lighting and cooking option that you and your family can enjoy whenever you want.  Requiring little to no installation, an outdoor fire pit brings warmth, atmosphere and a cost-friendly way to utilize the space around your home in an ecofriendly manner.
Plus, if you’re more settled in with your home and not looking to possibly move in the future, you can have a more permanent fire pit installed.  If not, mobile options provide a functional way for you to rearrange your yard to meet your landscaping needs as they change.  There are many different materials from which outdoor gas firepits are built including stone, concrete and brick.  They also come in many shapes and sizes such as L-shaped, triangular or even a fully-customized shape.

Outdoor Gas Fire Pit

Outdoor Gas Fire Pit

It’s important to keep a few things in mind before purchasing your gas fire pit in order to make sure you get the right model for your needs.  Things like style and size will often depend on the space you have available in your backyard.  But it’s not only things like actual space, but the virtual clearing space around the pit (you don’t want flammable trees near an open fire pit, even if it is controlled by valves and gas) that need to be accounted for.
Here are some valuable tips on how to pick your outdoor gas fire pit including some popular brands of outdoor gas fire pits afterwards.  Following this, we’ll provide you with a link to get the best prices on any outdoor gas fire pit you want.

Choosing The Best Style of Outdoor Gas Fire Pit

There are a wide variety of styles available to you when it comes to choosing your fire pits.  Some of the most popular fire pits include fire bowls and square versions that resemble a low table.
For more portability, consider going with the bowl version.  Some of the more portable options for fire pits are even equipped with wheels so that you can move them around your property as you see fit.  If you’re the type that has quite a few areas available for your fire pit and don’t mind changing things up now and then (or if your climate requires storage during the winter seasons), consider these mobile fire pit options.
Another great portable outdoor gas fire pit is the fire ring style, often made for campers who like to travel around.  Constructed with portability in mind, fire rings can be easily dismantled or folded up for quick and easy storage / portability.
If you have a more spacious landscape available and are more committed to furnishing a permanent focal point for your backyard, consider the square, table-like fire pit option.   While these elegant and beautiful square fire pits can sometimes be portable, their larger size and weight can make them cumbersome and difficult to move around your yard with ease.

Cooking Surface

A great option for those looking for a utilitarian function for their outdoor gas fire pit is the addition of an integrated or removable cooking surface.  Grills or attachments that make cooking food on your fire pit possible can bring many days and nights of family bonding time along with the great taste that only cooking over an open flame can deliver.  If you’re really in the market for eating and cooking on your outdoor fire pit, check for brands that offer patio table combinations, allowing you to make your yard more stylistic, uniform and functional all at once.

Picking the Right Dimensions

Typically, fire pits for outdoor use will range from 20″- 45″ in diameter. Smaller units range from 20″- 25″ while the larger fire pits typically span a 40″- 45″ diameter.  Generally speaking, the smaller fire pits are the bowl style and the larger fire pits are the square, table style.  If you’re looking for a fire pit that fits on your back deck or patio, consider small gas fire pits.
Regardless of what your ultimate goal is, you may be limited by the amount of space you have available to you. In this case, function will often be dictated by form as the size and potential location of your fire pits might limit which sized fire pit you can purchase.  Small to mid-sized fire pits can go virtually anywhere with no interference or added risk of danger, but larger fire pits often require masonry surrounding them.  This keeps your surroundings safe from the dangers of fire, but also adds to the overall dimensions required by the unit you choose.
When choosing a larger outdoor gas fire pit, be sure you have ample room and clearance with any masonry involved factored in, keeping not only yours, but your neighbor’s houses and property in mind.  Clearance sections of at least ten feet should be maintained on all sides, paying special attention to the wind patterns that could carry heat directly into combustible structures, windows and any air intakes on your home.  Watch for overhanging trees that might shed its foliage into the open flame.  Detailed instructions are found along with the unit you’ll purchase, or you can have a professional fire pit installation to be on the safe side.

Top Brands of Outdoor Gas Fire Pits

While there are many different styles and brands to choose from, some brands are better sellers than other due to their pragmatic stylistic approach to modern outdoor landscaping, their reliability due to time spent in the industry and availability of a wide range of products. The following are some of the best outdoor gas fire pit brands.  Be sure to check out customer reviews for each before buying, ensuring that the purchase you make is one that will bring you many years of happy outdoor heating, lighting and cooking.

  • Alfresco
  • Bond
  • Bull Outdoor
  • BBQ Guys
  • Cal Flame
  • California Outdoor Concepts
  • FireScapes
  • Firegear
  • Fire Pit Art
  • Peterson Outdoor Campfyre
  • The Outdoor GreatRoom Company
  • Sonoma
  • Mirage Stone
  • Napoleon
  • San Juan
  • Petite
  • Escea
  • O.W. Lee
  • Uniflame
  • Urban Fire

Finding The Best Prices on Outdoor Gas Fire Pits

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